Durrelle Green

Horticulture, Rural and Lifestyle Sales

I enjoy what I do and find it incredibly rewarding combining the things I love, with the skills I’ve gained. It allows me to help my clients bring their dreams to life.



Carl Bullivant and The Dreschlers 

Our family were looking for our special slice of paradise in the Western Bay of Plenty for over 16 months. During that time and numerous encounters with varied and rude real estate agents, from the get go, Durrelle always made us feel at ease. She went above and beyond to help us, always put us first and gained our respect from day one.
We went through it all with her: a failed tender offer and one close but lost auction attempt. Despite the heartache, she stuck with us and told us she would find us our property one way or another. Being a lady of her word, she finally sold us our orchard in Katikati. Our dream property. Woohoo!!
Where other real estate agents seemed slightly arrogant and only after a cheque, Durrelles classic Kiwi vibe and character were a welcoming change. With her cute dog Charlie in toe, her distinctive bright green Jeep and her red band gumboots, shes as much a part of Katikati and the surrounding areas as the Kaimai ranges!
We are all extremely grateful for her (and her lovely assistant Annas) efforts and highly recommend their services to anyone looking to buy or sell. Durrelle has a wide range of contacts, knows the area better than anyone we meet and has a vast knowledge of avocados and orchards. If you want to get serious and find a house or sell, dont beat around the bush go see the Green team!

Carl Bullivant and The Dreschlers


A big thank you to Durrelle and the Green Team, also the team at the auction rooms.
Together they got us a result we did not even hope to achieve, and it would not have happened without their expert guidance. Well done Eves.
Durrelle is loud and never wastes a minute. She has awesome and inspiring energy and confidence and is literally on the run working day and night. No one could have got more attention for the property and the sale came from her database of nurtured prospective buyers.
Vendors do not get pampering from Durrelle they get results!! She runs things in her own unique way- trust her- it works.
We would definitely recommend Durrelle to anyone thinking of selling.

Ann & Bob


We became aware of Durrelle and Eves through the successful sale of a local avocado orchard.
From the first meeting, we knew Durrelle was the agent for us, her knowledge of avocados was a very important factor, as was her and Annas enthusiasm and assurance that the sale process would be stress-free and enjoyable- which it was.
The large advertising board at the end of the road and the awesome photos on the internet drew many positive comments from many people.
From listing on 2/11/18 to a successful sale at auction on 7/12/18 the whole process for us was a breeze.
We highly recommend The Green Team from Eves Katikati.

Stewart and Kate (owners)


We first heard of Durelle Green at an Avocado discussion group which was held in Katikati and there we learnt that Durelle specialized in selling avocado orchards. She also was at this discussion group, but we did not speak with her that day.
When we made the decision to sell, our thoughts went straight to her and a phone call later, a first visit was arranged. After thoroughly inspecting our orchard, explaining to us how she worked out values of orchard land, producing areas and still to produce areas, also farmland and a beautiful home included, we were happy that she be the one to sell our orchard.
In our case, it was a limited time period for open home/orchard, serious advertising and then an auction on site, all within a short period of time. Our queries were answered very sensibly and understood. Durelle's sister Anna also played a large part in the Green team with much paperwork advertising etc and the two worked very well together.
We have no hesitation in recommending Durelle to do a very honest appraisal and selling of any property, orchard or farmland. She does the very best for the seller.

Brian and Glennis Webster


Obviously selling mum & dads property after their passing was not the easiest thing. My previous experience with real estate agents had been limited and would have to say most, while nice enough people, where not really that efficient or focused.
Of the different agents approached to market and sell the property one thing stood out from the beginning. While all had prepared documentation with marketing plans and local sales etc. Durrelle had qualified each of the local sales in relation to the property we were looking to sell. Durrelle is an energetic and enthusiastic sales person who was always available to give advice, yet made sure we where happy with what she was suggesting. She went way beyond what I was expecting including dressing the house, which made a huge difference. Durrelle and Anna where both a pleasure to work with.
I have absolutely no reservations in recommending them, in fact if we where to sell our property this is definitely who I would choose to market it. Thanks again,

Michele Bellotto


Having experienced less than satisfactory outcomes and relationships with Real Estate Agents over a number of years, we were somewhat cynical when we engaged Ms Durrelle Green to market our Rural Property.

Recommended to us by neighbours who were more than satisfied customers of Durrelles, we were not disappointed either initially, or at any time since. Rather, we have been surprised and delighted. Her style of marketing is unique. Along with her Personal Assistant, Anna, they present a formidable team with diverse and complimentary skills in all aspects of selling property. Being sisters makes what they offer even more attractive. We felt that the marketing plan that the sisters conceived and worked on for us was remarkable. It was way above what we anticipated.

Durrelle stated from the outset that her Vendors were the ones that she worked for and throughout the process this was transparently and unmistakably, the case.

We were impressed with her enthusiasm and willingness to get wet and dirty in order to explore our property regardless of weather and the lengths she pursued in researching construction materials and anticipating any queries that potential buyers might have. Her gumboots were always close by.

There are many aspects of Durrelles marketing style and personality that others might aspire to in pursuit of excellence in the profession, however, the qualities that were paramount in the sale of our home were honesty and an ethical benchmark that in our experience prior to meeting Durrelle, were not particularly evident.

Ms Green is dynamic! She is loud! She is Fun! She loves what she does! She caressent beautiful flowers on the day of our first Open Home because she knew what a wrench it was for us to let go of our property! She is invested in the people with whom she works for the best outcome available! She does not indulge in b.s.! She has continued to help us with a new property even though there is no personal benefit to her. She is Awesome!

We join with others in congratulating Durrelle and her team on her recent award.

Jody Wilson


As the purchaser of my new property I can highly recommend Durrelle for her:

* In-depth knowledge of the rural region - agricultural and horticultural
* professional attitude
* honesty and integrity
* negotiating skills

Durrelle turned a potentially stressful experience into an exciting adventure.



Durrelle recently sold our avocado production block for us.

We appreciated her enthusiasm both in looking over the orchard initially and in marketing it.
Her marketing- with distinctive photos and detailed description produced a lot of interest, which was reflected in the large number of people who attended the open days & did viewings. Durrelle gave us detailed feedback on enquiries every week in her vendor reports- we found these very useful in gauging how the market was reacting to the orchard. Her knowledge of avocado growing and desire to increase this knowledge meant she understood the information we gave her and was able to discuss the property intelligently with prospective buyers. We would recommend anyone selling an avocado block to use Durrelle as their agent.

Wendy Fraser


My husband and I would like to recommend selling agent Durrelle Green and her sister
Anna after they recently sold our property. At all times Durelle kept us in the loop on how her campaign was going.
She did a very professional job right throughout. Her enthusiasm was to be commended on what is a very demanding situation. We never felt just one of the clients, but more like we were the only ones.
We did not see Anna as much as she was more in the background being the PA.
That is not to say she was less in the sale as she was keeping everything moving forward re the paperwork, etc. Very competent young women with successful results.